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President's Message

Thankful and Humbled to represent you as President in these horrific times. COVID-19 has affected All of Us in one way or another and I would like to extend my Prayers to you and your families as we try to recover from this pandemic that continues to create devastation in our communities.

History and Culture are very important to me and although I am new to the WSGA Family, I am excited to be a part of the rich history that WSGA has played in the furtherance of the great game of Golf.  It wasn’t that long ago that we were unable to play certain golf courses across the country and around the world.  A lot has changed but there’s still more work needed to be done to continue our plight.

As I learn more about WSGA and where we came from, the passing on of the legacies of our past is so very important to “hand down” to our newer members and to provide a sense of belonging to something greater than them.  On the other hand, we are in the year 2021 and times have surely changed and in many areas they have improved.  I am very interested in merging the “Old with the New”.  Take technology for instance. Due to Covid, our club has been forced to change our ways.  Some changes have definitely been for the better.  We can now accept electronic forms of payment by various means.  This alone is huge. Cash APP, Venmo, Pay Pal and Zelle are a secure way to send any financial payments to the club’s bank account directly.  These transactions also provide detailed receipts for recordkeeping purposes.  Emails, texts, zoom and other video calls & meetings are being used to cut costs as well as taking less time to host business meetings to help in moving things forward smoothly and in a timely manner.

I look at the membership as more than just a monthly tournament club.  I am bringing to our club the “IEGC TRAINING DAY”, which allows us as a group to work on areas of our game with PGA Professionals and other instructors.  The addition of Twilight 9 Hole competitions and scheduled friendly competitions between other WSGA and Non-WSGA Clubs to increase camaraderie, brotherhood and sisterhood amongst golfers.

Most importantly, a renewed focus on our Junior Golf Program and improving its functionality to increase our youth’s chances for success not only in the areas of golf, but “Successful in Life”.  I hate to repeat this infamous saying, but it's true that “The Children Are Our Future”.

I hope that I can count on you to help get us where we need to be.

Much Respect!

Hello Inland Empire Golf Club Members:

I hope that your favorite team won the Super Bowl yesterday, mine didn't !

I am looking forward to a super 2019, it has already started out to be a great year for the club. Many exciting things have already began to happen and there is much more to come.

While we morn the death of our past Tournament Director - Dirty Red, our new Tournament Director - Bill Julkes has stepped up in great fashion. Our first tournament of the new year at Soboba Springs golf club was a great outing in spite of the rainy start to the day we still had 4 groups who enjoyed what turned out to be a great day for golf.

It is exciting to watch the club grow and see the new members step up and take active roles in the involvement of the club. It is an honor for me to have the opportunity to serve as the club president for another term along with the following newly elected officers:

V.P. - Ron Dunlap

T.D. - William Julkes

Sec. - Michael Thierry

Treas. -  Johnny Smith

Membership Chair - John Williams 

Handicap Chair - Bruce Garner

Sgt-at-Arm - Andre Collins

I would like to mention that Andre and Mike are new members and are already stepping up and becoming involved.

Please join me in welcoming to the club two of our newest members: Henry Leeper , William Hancock

and Nate Clark. 

Bill has introduced many exciting games and competitions to our monthly tournaments.

God Bless each and everyone of you as we grow in 2019.

James White, President

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